Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolution Rethink

It’s that time of the New Year where people begin contemplating on all the things they don’t like about themselves and resolve to make change. The very premise that there is a set date on which these types of goals should be made, flags them as doomed. Reflecting on the previous year and sentimentally regretting all the things that could have been, versus what actually did, transports some of us into a different mindscape where we are artificially motivated to make change. Then the busyness of our lives resumes and we begin to remember why we did not make these changes last year.

Change is much more than just a decision. There is a process in making real changes that we must first put into implementation. First, we have to understand our motivation. If there is nothing to motivate us to change, than the concept quickly dissolves. Next, we have to decide how we will change; generally with some type of baby-step system. Changing all at once can often send us rebounding back to previous behaviors. Another aspect to consider is that few of us can change on our own. We need accountability to truly motivate our change; friends, family, or even a personal trainer can be a great way to supply this need. Lastly, change should take place throughout the year and flexed like a muscle; not just on the New Year.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some super humans out there that simply change at will. For the rest of us mere mortals, it’s a process. There is nothing worse for our psyche than to think we are not strong enough to do something. The reality is, there is nothing we cannot do with some calculated planning, motivation, and support.

Happy New Year’s

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